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Top Companies for Supply Chain Excellence Based on 2018 Financial Results

For each company Rank  –   Company Name  – Inventory Turns ( Inventory Turns: 2018 cost of goods sold/2018 quarterly average inventory.) are given at the starting point.

1  Colgate-Palmolive  5.0

Procurement Policies

New Digital Supply Chain Planning Solutions in SAP S/4HANA and SAP Integrated Business Planning – Colgate Uses them

May 15, 2013
Supply Chain Blog Series : S&OP at Colgate Palmolive

Colgate: A Closer Look at Supply Chain Excellence – Insights from Michael Corbo, the head of supply chain at Colgate.
April 26, 2013

Colgate-Palmolive – Supply Chain Management – Evolution

2  Inditex                    3.8

3  Nestlé                     4.8

Nestlé USA Applies Optimization Models to Save on Transportation and Production Costs

“Using advanced analytics to manage the supply chain and reduce costs has become imperative. FICO Optimization has been critical to supporting the optimization needs at Nestlé USA.” Shan Collins, Vice President of Planning and Center of Excellence with Nestlé USA’s Supply Chain

Aug 23, 2017
Case Study: A Deep Dive Into Nestlé’s Supply Chain
Nestle has 850 Facebook pages for various brands and they have a total of 210 million fans. It’s an way to quickly and efficiently gather customer responses. To receive a high response level, the company posts around 1,500 new items per day across their online platforms!

Nestlé puts 36,000 supply chain minds to work
The Switzerland-based conglomerate has approximately 36,000 employees who are directly involved in its supply chain.Nestlé has launched a crowdsourcing initiative, called “InGenious,” to engage supply chain teams worldwide,
Quarter 2 2016 issue

Nestle using DDMRP

4  PepsiCo             9.0

The company has a  code of conduct for suppliers called The Pepsico Global Procurement Supplier Social Capability Management Program.  It is to make sure all their suppliers understand and abide by the terms of the conduct.

There are four dimensions Pepsico has for supplier standards:

            1. Accountability for Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC)

            2. Engaging through code training         

            3. Reviewing of CSR risks

            4. Improvement through third party audit/corrective management

To meet the code of conducts, all suppliers are given the Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC) in the initial contracts to guarantee accountability.

Oct 1, 2016
PepsiCo’s Practical Application Of Supply Chain Resilience Strategies
Steve Banker – Contributor – logistics and supply chain management.

5  Cisco Systems    10.2

Designing the Supply Chain Organization in a Digital World – CISCO

Cisco’s Digital Transformation – 2017 Pdf file

How Cisco Transformed Its Supply Chain by Story told by  Cisco itself

March 1, 2017

Cisco case study on Supply Chain Problems by ICMR

Cisco’s Problems with outsourcing

6   Intel                   3.7

Intel Web Page for Suppliers

Environmental Responsibility – Intel Supply Chain

For 2019 Intel Recognized as a World Leader for Supplier Engagement on Climate Change

December 25, 2018
Intel’s change of supply chain strategy is focused on three important characteristics which are end-to-end visibility, simplification and responsiveness. Intel plans to have a real-time platform for its supply chain.

Case Study: Intel Embarks on a Digital Supply Chain Journey
The multinational manufacturer will use cognitive computing to manage its sourcing function — and make sense of a massive amount of data relevant to supplier selection and monitoring.
Intel is embracing artificial intelligence, termed by IBM as  “cognitive computing.”
Cognitive computing will be employed on all the steps of the Plan-Source-Make-Deliver-Return format of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model.
The three primary objectives of supplier intelligence enhancement are optimal sourcing decisions, monitoring of suppliers and continuously improve on those decisions.

 Intel transformed its procurement activities to a digital ‘manage by exception’ approach – through process automation and simple guided UI’s – delivering outstanding results: >50% process TPT reduction, 3X productivity gain, and unrivaled user experience.

7   HP Inc.              8.2

120,000 supplier factory workers participated in 15 programs at 124 factories in 3 countries, bringing the total to 243,600 workers trained since the beginning of 2015.

3D Printing that Transforms Supply Chains: An Interview with HP’s David Woodlock
MAY 24, 2019

Oct 23, 2018
From Spreadsheets to Machine Learning: Planning Better Sales Quotas at HP Inc.
Use of Anaplan

8  Johnson & Johnson  3.1

9  Starbucks  12.7

10 Nike  3.9

11  Schneider Electric  4.9

Supply Chain and Procurement vision

The ability of an organization to draw inferences out of available unstructured data from various sources on real time basis will make a big difference in future.

12  Diageo          0.9

Our strategy for achieving sustainable supply chains is focused on:

Ensuring expected standards: Our supplier assessments are designed to help our suppliers improve their sustainability performance, including areas such as labour rights and environmental performance. While we have our own standards and guidelines, we also work with industry associations such as AIM PROGRESS, SEDEX, CDP and SAI Platform.
Building capability: When we can, we help suppliers meet our standards by offering training to build their skills and capabilities.
Supporting and creating value with local businesses: Working with local suppliers is an important way in which we create value and contribute to local economies, especially in emerging markets.

Supply Chain Change
Increasing speed to market is critical for premium drink maker Diageo, says Best Plants keynote speaker.
May 05, 2015

Diageo Overhauls Supply Chain
The beer and alcohol maker is using Manugistics’ planning software to share real-time sales and replenishment data with distributors in its Guinness business unit.

13  Alibaba       23.4

Alibaba To Implement Blockchain Tech For “Complex Supply Chains”
March 11, 2019

May 31, 2016,
Amazon And Alibaba Bet The Future On Supply Chain Management: eRetailers Invest Big In Logistics

14  Walmart    8.6

Walmart to Break Ground on Supply Chain of the Future
By Jamie Grill-Goodman – 10/22/2018

Walmart: 3 Keys to Successful Supply Chain Management any Business Can Follow
Adam Robinson

15  L’Oréal                   2.7

The L’Oréal Luxe supply chain with its staff of over 1500 across the globe plays a double role. It first guarantees proper deployment of the division’s brands, in other words, it ensures that the same product is available at the same time everywhere around the world. Next it must give consumers a luxury experience: this experience involves exceptional products of course, but also exceptional shopping moments where the point of sale is a theatre that showcases its products, advice, merchandising, testers, samples, etc. In fact, perfect control of point-of-sale execution is the ultimate purpose of the supply chain.

This demand for quality and perfection must be sought at the best cost, optimising use of the company’s assets, industrial investment, stocks and customer credit. It is backed by sales forecasts and revenue building on each of our markets in close collaboration with the division’s business departments and retail clients. At the other end of the chain, it is backed by the suitability of our industrial resources to actual sales flows, the same being applicable to our suppliers. It requires information sharing at each link in the chain and its updating as sales evolve in order to build a worldwide supply and demand equation.–from-dreams-to-reality/supply-chain

2018 – L’Oréal    Supply Chain Case Study
Interesting – 3D Printing Application by L’Oréal

16  H&M             2.7

17  3M            3.8

18   Novo Nordisk   1.1

19    Home Depot      5.0

June 29, 2018
Home Depot’s Supply Chain Journey – Redesign and Innovations

Jun 13, 2018
Home Depot Making A Considerable Investment In Its Supply Chain?
Home Depot has stated its intention of investing roughly $1.2 billion into its supply chain over the next five years. The company believes “a great customer experience depends on great supply chain capability.”

Home Depot turns inventory faster with new supply chain software
Jan 11, 2016

The software system has been in pilot for a year, and reduced 90 miles of walking for each receiving associate.

After products are downloaded in the store, software will direct associates on the exact order products should be placed on the shelves. This initiative has proven to reduce one to two footsteps per associate per carton. As stores receive on average over 4,500 cartons of freight per week, a lot of footsteps are taken out of the process saving time of associates.

Home Depot Builds an Omni-Channel Supply Chain
The Home Depot has remodeled its supply chain in recent years, building the foundation for a new type of fulfillment center intended to blend online and in-store shopping
March 5, 2015   
“Would you like to pick this up in the store or have it delivered?”
The Home Depot asks each of its online shoppers this seemingly simple question and delivers accordingly

20   Coca Cola Company   4.2

INTERACTIVE — Coca-Cola System and Value Chain
By: The Coca-Cola Company | Apr 25, 2018

From factory to fridge: Inside Coca-Cola’s supply chain
Feb 06, 2015
From the beginning of each bottle’s journey when raw ingredients enter the factory, to the very end when it is chilling in the fridge; collaboration, sustainability, innovation and efficiency are the key factors that make that factory to fridge journey seamless and successful.
14 points highlighted in the article

21   Samsung Electronics    9.8

The Connected Supply Chain: The Future of Manufacturing
Feb 27, 2019
 With a connected supply chain, information is relayed to the cloud instantaneously. This ensures predictive maintenance, as tasks and inventory management can all happen in real-time.

Samsung’s breadth of product lines — a combination of hardware, software, security and customization capabilities through Knox Configure — allows Samsung to not only help create end-to-end solutions that can connect the supply chain, but to optimize those solutions for individual customers’ needs.

Samsung is using blockchain technology to simplify shipping
OCTOBER 24, 2018 by Michael Bodley
To simplify its complicated supply chain, Samsung has turned to blockchain. A blockchain pilot program led by logistics subsidiary Samsung SDS is being rolled out to streamline its shipping, accounting and administrative logistic.

22  BASF.  3.9

BASF – Smart Supply Chain
Our supply chain is becoming more effective and efficient thanks to digital technologies. We achieve this by creating an integrated supply chain with our customers, suppliers and partners and exchanging data with them, thereby increasing the transparency of the entire supply chain.

Innovative, Mobile Tank Concepts – Horizontal Integration – Logistics Visibility

Sep 18, 2018,
One Of The World’s Most Innovative Supply Chains – BASF
Steve Banker – Forbes Contributor – Transportation, Logistics and Supply chain management.

 BASF started an initiative called “BASF 4.0” which focuses on digitization focusing on sourcing, manufacturing, sales & marketing and supply chain. We already detected various opportunity fields e.g., in predictive maintenance, digital business models as well as predictive planning using new technologies and business analytics.

23   Adidas    3.2

As our supply chain is large, multi-tiered and varied, we have a detailed and systematic approach to managing the relationships with our suppliers.

November 15, 2018 by Abhijeet Pratap

Adidas: Supply Chain as Competitive Advantage
Harvard Business School Assignment
Pritee Written by Pritee, Posted on November 15, 2017


24   Akzo Nobel      4.6

How AkzoNobel has focused on operational excellence to redefine its leading position in the market
Jan 12, 2018, 6:42AM

Millissa Hernandez Flanagan, SVP Integrated Supply Chain at AkzoNobel, describes the ways in which she has reorganized the business to improve safety, drive productivity deploy a heartbeat of the business with and operational excellence.

AkzoNobel Taps Data for Forecast Accuracy
AkzoNobel, a global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals, purchases Terra Technology’s Multi-Enterprise Demand Sensing (MDS) to use point-of-sale data to reduce forecast error by an additional 25 percent.

Akzo Nobel Surfactants Smoothes Supply and Demand with S&OP
Leveraging a global solution as a platform for sales and operations planning to improve demand, inventory and supply planning
NOVEMBER 25, 2008

Akzonobel Functional Chemicals Selects Arkieva Software For Demand Planning And Inventory Analysis
Akzonobel Functional Chemicals Selects Arkieva Software For Demand Planning And Inventory Analysis
Arkieva Implementation Will Take Place Simultaneously Across Seven Business Units with Global Operations

WILMINGTON, DE. USA— December 18, 2014 — Arkieva ( the designerand supplier of the Arkieva suite of advanced planning and scheduling  (APS)  software products, announced today that AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals  has selected the Arkieva Demand Planning  and Inventory Analyzer modules for its worldwide supply chain operations.

Client Case: AkzoNobel
S&OP for Cross-Functional Planning.
Arkieva S&OP helps AkzoNobel increase margins and evaluate market changes

25  BMW          3.8

How is every single link in the BMW supply chain being tightened?
5 Mar 2019

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