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Reflections on A to Z Challenge Blogging 2019.

1. I decided to reduce my blogging activity in the year. But when I saw that the A to Z challenge was in its 10th year, I decided to take up the challenge.

2. I could create the 26  topics for the posts and develop the drafts quickly. I was able to revise them as needed before publishing.

3. I visited number of blogs of the A to Z challenge and felt that there are many posts worth reading. I noted some of the blog posts on a continuous basis in the blog post on reflections.

Attracting Audience to A to Z Blogs

4. I feel adequate attention is not paid to attracting audience. A to Z bloggers have to develop mechanisms to attract audience to the blogs participating in the A to Z challenge. I wrote this comment on FaceBook as well as Blog of A to Z Challenge.

14 May 2019: As I observe today, all blog posts of mine have not yet got 100 page views.

5. I created some good and useful posts in the challenge. The best is the post challenge post which I describe as Zero to Hero Post.
Zero-Based Productivity Management of Supply Chain – McKinsey Way Supply Chain Industrial Engineering.
It is the top viewed post of the week till today. It will attract readers for more days.

6. Inspired by A to Z, I made a picture for my blog. A to Z of MBA: Management Subjects and Theory.

Thanks to all Bloggers and Organizers of A to Z Challenge. Best Wishes to All of You. Let us meet once again in a special way in April 2020. But the Road Show will go on during May to March. I shall participate in it and we are likely to meet.

My Posts for the Challenge – Index

#AtoZChallenge 2019 – Operations Management A to Z

16 April 2019

I decided to reduce the time spent on blogging this year. But as I came to know A to Z is organizing the challenge for the 10th year, I decided to be part of it. I selected Operations Management as the theme. Very quickly made the list of article that I would write. Made and scheduled initial drafts very quickly. I saw in twitter that one participant posted a message that he scheduled all posts. That motivated me to also to make posts quickly at the least the basic drafts.

So far, I was able to visit other blogs on a more daily basis. I am very happy to find interesting things in others’ blog. It is worth reading them and know different useful things.  Today I came across a blog on newspaper related issues. How to make the first para interesting is the issue that attracted my attention. There is a post on Narcissistic disorder. Came across a post mentioning global warming. From today I shall try to write my thoughts on this A to Z challenge experience on day to day basis.

More blog posts liked

Regarding creativity

17 April 2019

My comment on the blog:
“Though blogging and social media have gone through a lot of change in the last ten years I’m delighted that the Challenge is still going strong.” What are the changes that happened in the blogging? If you write a post on it, it will be good. Do you thing blogger platform is prospering giving a good income to Google apart from giving satisfaction to bloggers writing on it?

18 April

Visited some blogs. Read some poems. Interesting to read variety of blog posts. One is on Harry Potter characters and the other one is on Christ related temples.

My post for the days is

Productivity Management in Operations Management   It is an important post and I have to review some more times to make some more modifications. I had a research paper on “Productivity Management’ which was accepted for an important conference. Also productivity management is one of the functions of industrial engineering as listed by me.

19 April

I made a tweet today

#atozchallenge  What is the best  A to Z Challenge  blog post so far? Yours or Others’. Give your choice and earn the Retweets.

The idea for the above tweet came from blog post for the day for Q by somebody “Questions.”
Will A to Z Bloggers answer?

My post for the day
Quality Management

20 April 2019


What would life be without books?
It’s fun to make new friends!

My post for the day. : Resource Planning and Resourcing for Effective Operations

I commented on the above blog.  “You are also doing resource planning by looking for new books for the activity you are managing.”  The post in post card collection from all countries of the world.

27 April 2019

Not well for a week. Could not visit others’ blogs.

Post for the Day
A note on History of development of management thought by engineers.
How Engineers got into developing management theory?
Xenogamy (Cross Fertilization) – Evolution of Operations Management

This is a very useful post. I could mail it to my faculty colleagues and alumni. I could write some good posts on operations management due to participation in the A to Z Blogging Challenge in April 2019. May be the posts are not comprehensive. But the basic foundation for the topic is made and they can be revised over time to make them better and more useful to readers and the discipline. Some of them are relevant across the globe and are meant for scholarly reading.

29 April 2019

More interaction happended yesterday. Comments and comments in return. Interesting responses to my post.

My Today’s post

Yearning – Compassionate Leadership – Relevance for Operations Managers

I had the occasion to include my earlier article as well as a popular video of mine on the topic.

Be selfless – Be compassionate
Become Better Leader – Human Relations First Perspective


30 April

Last post of the challenge published. Successful completion shared with many fellow bloggers.

Zero-Based Productivity Management

Linked all 26 posts in the theme reveal post.

Operations Management A to Z – Proposed Articles 

3. Coordination 131, 132, 135
4. Demand Forecasting 94, 95, 97
10. Job Design  46, 48, 48
16. Productivity Management  125, 134, 136
17. Quality Management 79, 81, 81
25. Yearning – Relevance for Operations Managers – (Filled with longing or compassion or tenderness) 58, 67, 70
26. Zero-Based Productivity Management 60, 76, 80

Page view count dates 7 May 2019, 14 May 2019

Completed visiting all blogspot blogs of the master list. Now I can visit wordpress blogs.

Created the proposed list of blog posts for the 2020 challenge

A to Z of Industrial Engineering – 2020 Blogging Challenge Topics  I shall collect reference materials during the year and create bibliographies for the topics.

1 May 2019

Zero becomes Hero

I wanted to write a post on ‘Z’ and selected zero as the starting word. The result was the post Zero-Based Productivity Management.  As  I was going throught the references given in that article, I realized that McKinsey consultants were recommending supply chain industrial engineering that I proposed in 2013. I made a new post Zero-Based Productivity Management of Supply Chain – McKinsey Way Supply Chain Industrial Engineering. Thus it is crystallization of an idea that I initiated in 2013. I hope industrial engineering community will see this opportunity of augmenting its activities now more clearly.

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