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“Leadership and the Public Good” – An Interview with Philip Kotler
January 15, 2019

Sep 12, 2018
Northwestern Professor Philip Kotler On What’s Next For Marketing

“Marketing 4.0” – A Podcast Interview with Philip Kotler

December 13, 2016

Philip Kotler: Future of business is doing good (and the four Ps are safe)


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Marketing 1.0  -Rational appeal to consumers.
Marketing 2.0 – Emotional appeal to consumers
Marketing 3.0 – Think of consumer segment who cannot buy your present product. Think of cost reduction of the product and serve those sections out of philanthrophic feelings.

The Thinker Interview with Philip Kotler, the Father of Marketing

With the rise of the internet and the advent of new concepts like social media, e-commerce and digital marketing, critics started questioning the relevance of the classic Four Ps model of marketing. Yet Kotler chooses to staunchly defend the concept
Jan 29, 2014

The Larger Context for Social Marketing
Marketing for Planned Social Change

World Social Marketing upload

The Larger Context for Social Marketing

Social marketing is one of six social change strategies. To be maximally effective, social marketers must work with other social change strategies. Social marketers must tie their work to new technologies that become available and also tie their work to current and emerging
social movements. The addition of upstream and mid-stream social marketing thinking is enriching the power of social marketers to more effectively bring about behavioral change, its main objective.

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