Manufacturing and Manufacturing Management Analytics – Introduction and Bibliography

Manufacturing Analytics for problem-solving processes in production

Maximilian Meister et al.
Procedia CIRP
Volume 81, 2019, Pages 1-6
Open Access Article

4 September 2019
Making Sensors Bug Proof – Ford

AI-powered analytics for Manufacturing – Solutions for Manufacturing

while there is significant value in the data Manufacturing companies produce, both structured and unstructured, too little of it is being analyzed.

To turn this information into better, smarter, and faster decision making, manufacturers must be able to fully exploit the mountains of data they produce. Through AI and analytics, companies can increase operational productivity, gain a competitive advantage and develop new business opportunities.

OpenText AI and Analytics
Using OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite and OpenText™ Magellan™, the AI-powered machine learning platform, Manufacturing companies can apply predictive algorithms to big data from both internal and external sources to generate accurate predictions and make better decisions.

2 July 2019
Armed With Analytics: Manufacturing as a Martial Art

June 2019

Manufacturing Analytics: Colgate Palmolive Optimizes for Agility and Productivity

Manufacturing operations have to support growth and agility while continuing to excel at operational efficiency. Ann Tracy, VP Global EHS, Sustainability and Supply Chain Strategy Colgate-Palmolive

The key enablers for productivity in the manufacturing network have to be identified. Colgate has blended design and manufacturing analytics to accelerate the pace of decision making. The initiative has achieved scale  and supports continuous improvement with user engagement and ownership.

1 Jan 2019

Benefits of Manufacturing Analytics

November 2018

How a German Manufacturing Company Set Up Its Analytics Lab

Niklas GobyTobias BrandtDirk Neumann

Three years on, ZF Data Lab is a valuable addition to the company.  ZF has been able to solve problems that had stumped the company’s engineers for years using ZF Data Lab Two examples were given in HBR article.

2 Oct 2018

Machine Manufacturing Analytics – Contributing to the Evolution of an Industry

SAP Machine Manufacturing Analytics visualizes a large set of real-time data through a newly designed interface, which allows engineers to adjust production processes as they are happening, and to make better predictions moving forward. Ultimately, SAP Machine Manufacturing Analytics helps design manufacturing processes and is scalable to monitor large cereal production in multiple locations.