Manufacturing 4.0 – Manufacturing Management 4.0

Manufacturing 4.0: The Use of Emergent Technologies in Manufacturing
by O. Perez, S. Sauceda, and  J. Cruz.

Manufacturing 4.0 The Use of Emergent Technologies in Manufacturing This book provides a comprehensive framework to understand and use Industry 4.0 emergent technologies in manufacturing for the hands-on engineers. It details the contribution of Lean and Manufacturing 4.0 to reduce and handle the increasing complexity experienced in the production floor. In addition, it classifies manufacturing under three attributes describing the way each of them modify it: Digital, Automated, and Additive. Each of these modifiers is presented as a chapter with a strategy, a detail description of the set of tools around them, and examples to make it easy to understand for the reader. The hype of industry 4.0 and its derivative technologies inevitably creates new business models but it also significantly impacts key process indicators. The integration, and exploitation of a subset of Industry 4.0 technologies is baptized as manufacturing 4.0 in this book. The book also outlines a manufacturing 4.0 implementation Strategy as part of the continuous improvement journey to assess, outline solutions, evaluate the benefit and risk, review with stakeholders, and create a portfolio. A roadmap provides a guideline together with all the explanations of the different technology applications in order to use it as a reference. The goal is for you to apply these technology enablers on the right problems to benefit your organization.
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Industry 4.0 technologies: Implementation patterns in manufacturing companies
Alejandro Germán Franka,  Lucas Santos Dalenogare, Néstor Fabián Ayalac.
International Journal of Production Economics
Volume 210, April 2019, Pages 15-26