Maintenance – Industry 4.0 Transformation – Digital Transformation of Maintenance Management

Predictive maintenance – Stay up and running. Control costs.
By IBM Services, 21 January 2019

What is predictive maintenance?
Predictive maintenance is the asset management practice of repairing an asset or piece of equipment before it fails based on data received about it. It is the third phase in asset management:

Corrective maintenance: repairs made after a problem or failure occurs
Preventative maintenance: scheduled repairs made based on experience
Predictive maintenance: repairs made because data for an asset indicates that a failure is imminent
Detailed article:

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Industry 4.0 Transformation – Digital Transformation of Maintenance Management

XMaintain – The optimal CMMS for the maintenance of production plants and Industry 4.0
Electrolux Poland fully implemented XMaintain as CMMS and Workplace of the future


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Predictive maintenance and the digital supply network
Chris Coleman, Satish Damodaran, Mahesh Chandramouli, Ed Deuel
May 09, 2017

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