Behaviors in Organizational Behavior Theory

Fred Luthans used Social Cognitive Theory in developing Organizational Behavior subject in the introductory text book. Personal variables (cognitive processes), social factors (organizational, family, political, and society) reciprocally determine behaviors exhibited in the organization.
Luthans devoted chapters to communication, decision making, stress & conflict, power & politics, and groups & teams. While the beginning management students knows these behaviors from the study of the basic text, there are more behaviors and behavior related to concepts that are discovered in OB theory.
Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCB) is one such idea. Counterproductive Work Behaviors (CWB) is another idea.
Counterproductive Work Behaviors
Counterproductive Work Behaviors at Wells Fargo
March 21, 2017 
By: Nikki Carusone & Rachel Jaffe

Counterproductive Work Behaviors toward Organization and Leader-Member Exchange: The Mediating Roles of Emotional Exhaustion and Work Engagement
Mariana Lebrón, Filiz Tabak, Or Shkoler & Edna Rabenu
Organization Management Journal
Volume 15, 2018 – Issue 4