30 Day MBA Self Study Course – Free Notes – Recommended Texts

The 30 Day MBA in Marketing – Narayana Rao

1. Marketing Concept – Kotler

2. Planning in the Marketing Process

3. Marketing Strategy – Marketing Process – Kotler’s Description

4. Scanning of Environment for Marketing Ideas and Decisions
Revised Article: Scanning the Marketing Macroenvironment – Philip Kotler’s Book Chapter Summary

5. Marketing Strategy – Differentiating and Positioning the Market Offering

6. Management of Marketing Department and Function

7. Determinants of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

8. Marketing Research and Market Demand Forecasting

9. Consumer Behavior

10. Analysis of Consumer Markets

11. Organizational Buying Processes and Buying Behavior

12. Market Segmentation and Selection of Target Segments

13. Branding Strategy and Brand Equity

14. Brand Positioning

15. Analyzing Competitors

16. Strategy of Market Leader

17. Marketing Strategies for Challenger Firms

18. Competitive Strategies for Followers and Nichers

19. Managing Product Lines and Brands

20.Marketing Strategy for New Industry Products  – Marketing and New Product Development

21. Marketing Management for Service Firms

22. Pricing Strategy and Tactics

23. Marketing Channel Management – Important Issues

24. Managing Wholesaling and Retailing Network

25. Marketing Logistics

26. Integrated Marketing Communication – Kotler and Keller Chapter Summary

 Marketing Communication: Channels and Promotion Tools


 Sales Promotion

Marketing Public Relations

27. Sales Process and Sales Training – Sales Force Management

28. Direct Marketing

29. Online Marketing

30. Management of Marketing Department and Function

Developed by Professor K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao, Ph.D.
Professor, NITIE, India
Professor, SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, India
Senior Professor, ICFAI Business School, India

Developer of Graham – Rao Method of Analysis of Indian Stocks.

Developer of Markowitz Portfolio Analysis Method for Equity Stocks using Target Prices, Past Price Data, and Excel Software Developed by Associates of Markowitz

Provided Definition for Industrial Engineering: “Industrial Engineering is Human Effort Engineering and System Efficiency Engineering.”

Organized First All India Student Equity Research Competition “Khoj” in India.

Organized First Student Presented Investor Conference in which Top 5 Indian equity share
purchases were recommended under 5 different equity research methods and each analytical method was explained in detail to the participants.

Global Number Individual English Author on Knol, which was a platform of Google.

Recipient  of the Innovation Award from Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) for Development of Web Based MBA Materials.

Recipient  of the  Award from Higher Education Forum of India (HEF) for Development of Web Based MBA Materials.

MBA Core Common Subjects

The plan: For each subject the core points of the chapter of a standard book are presented briefly in one page. For each chapter there is a one full page article. The textbooks used as the basis for notes are indicated. Hence the learner has multiple options. He can read one page summary, then the detailed articles on each chapter. Then buy the text indicated and read the full text. You can complete the initial reading in 30 days and get adequate understanding and appreciation of the core principles or theories, methods and tools of business management. Learning never stops in any occupation or profession. One keeps on learning as the occasion demands and also the value one gives to learning. A person who sees and experiences value in learning learns more.

1. Principles of Management

2. Marketing Management

3. Operations Management – Detailed Articles

4. Supply Chain Management – Detailed Articles

5. Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting and Management Accounting – Detailed Articles

6. Oganizational Behavior – Detailed Articles

7. Innovation Management

8. Industrial EngineeringDetailed Articles

9. Economics – Detailed Articles

10. Engineering Economics – Economics of Capital Expenditures and Operating Expenditure – Detailed Articles

11, Business Ethics

12. Operations Research and Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Decisions

13. Business Research Methods

14. Human Resource Management – Detailed articles

15. Information Systems for Business Processes and Management Decisions

16. Strategic Management

17. Financial Management

18. Managerial Economics

19. Quality Management

20. Process Improvement

21. New Product – Service Development – Detailed articles


Function Areas

         Marketing Management
         Corporate and Business Financial Management
         Investment and Wealth Management
         Human Resource Management
         Project Management
         Information Systems Management

Manufacturing Companies

         Manufacturing Management
         Industrial Engineering
         Material Handling
         Warehousing and Transport
         Production Planning and Control, Supply Chain Planning, MRP and ERP
         Project Management
         Information Management

Service Companies
         Service Industry Industrial Engineering
         Stock Broking
         Hospital Services
         Hotel Services
         Educational Institution
         Political Party Management

Keep visiting for More Subjects Materials which will be added to the course page as early as possible. The detailed articles are already there in the blog in every subject..

30 Day MBA Books – Bibliography

The 30 Day MBA in Marketing

Colin Barrow
Kogan Page Publishers, 03-Jan-2016 – Business & Economics – 280 pages


International and Global Marketing

Developing Enterprisewide or Company Wide Marketing Orientation

The 30 Day MBA: Your Fast Track Guide to Business Success (Google eBook)

Colin Barrow
3rd Edition
Kogan Page Publishers, Aug 3, 2013 – 336 pages
Drawing on the twelve core disciplines of business, including business law, economics, marketing and finance, this third edition of the hugely successful The 30 Day MBA shows you to use key business concepts and tools to assess business decisions and implement strategy. Now with a new concept for each chapter – including crowdfunding, digital marketing, business incubators and the 80/20 principle – it also provides coverage of the key optional modules: Mergers and Acquisitions and International Business. New case studies include Volkswagen Group China, Google in China, IKEA, Meraki, Ocado, Ford, IBM and McDonalds among others.Including a range of free online resources that enable you to revise and test your knowledge, this bestselling classroom-free guide is brimming with models, international case studies and practical applications of key theories, placing MBA skills within reach of all professionals and students.
Preview the book

The 30 Day MBA in International Business: Your Fast Track Guide to Business Success (Google eBook)

Colin Barrow
Kogan Page Publishers, Aug 3, 2011 – 312 pages

As business becomes increasingly reliant on succeeding in export markets, the need for specialist knowledge in international trade is at its highest. With thorough explanations to describe the current international business environment as well as international case studies which include IKEA, J.D. Wetherspoon, Dell, Amazon and Indian car brand Tata Nano, The 30 Day MBA in International Business will boost your knowledge and help you play a more rounded role in shaping the direction of your organization. It covers all the essential elements of international trade and business, including international marketing strategy, managing international organizations and selecting global strategic partners as well as finance, accounting and human resource management. The 30 Day MBA in International Business is packed with links to free resources from the top business schools as well an online list of sources to keep you informed on all the key business issues.
Preview the book

The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance: Your Fast Track Guide to Business Success (Google eBook)

Colin Barrow
Kogan Page Publishers, 2011 – 248 pages

The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance provides a complete ‘course’ in business finance, covering 13 key topics which fall under three main headings – the Fundamentals of Business Finance, Corporate Capital Structures and Financial Strategies and Special Topics. Learn what they teach you at the world’s top accountancy firms and Business Schools and why it matters to you. With guidance on understanding financial reports, assessing the credit worthiness of business partners, determining profitable strategies, raising finance and ensuring proper records, this book contains everything you need to eliminate gaps in your financial knowledge, think like a financial strategist, move out of your disciplinary straight jacket and become a top manager.
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